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2020 AUG | The Betweening

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

It unfurled just over a year ago - in the final days of my “walk about” across the northern tier of the United States. Discerning my place to relocate and newly invest my life in the world - Wintergreen, Charlottesville, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Baltimore - I became mired in a familiar ennui that often accompanies the sultry days of August.

And throughout the journey the what, and where, and when of "next" continued their beckoning toward a yet to be known horizon.

My "betweening" came on the milk-run ferry from Mukilteo - just north of sparkling Seattle - gliding through the pearled, gray-orange waters of Possession Sound en route to Whidbey Island. Literally leaping from dock onto the next-to-last ferry for the night - agents holding open the pedestrian ramp gate - I made it, the final person to arrive... and depart.

Seals and sea otters insisted upon at least one more game of tag for the day with their earnest, schedule-bound playmate churning her way back and forth across the sound. It was there, in a visceral salt-infused stillness - in the crossing from what was to what was becoming - I surrendered.

A deep and visceral remembering revealed its wisdom...

You are in the between. All has been well. All is well. All will be well.

Just this week my social media feed, with its sneaky perseverance, slipped a photo of that pearled, orange-gray crossing back into my stream.

For me, an astonishing year later - and a continent away from Possession Sound - I inhabit life on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, at times accompanied by playful sea otters appearing in the Chesapeake on evening harbor walks. What and where and when have manifested themselves.

And that which once was "next" has become now.

And a next "next" beckons.


Maybe a reality is that all of us have just caught the "next-to-last ferry for the night,” leaping aboard at this very moment toward the wonders of our own “nexts.”

Maybe, if we surrender to the betweening, right now, we can emerge remembering and ready, strong and wise, curious and courageous along our own journey to the next next.

What is mine to remember... to complete... to release? Where am I being readied to leave... to arrive... and depart? When shall I leap?

I wonder if these inquiries might "hold open the ramp gate" as we leap on board?

Wherever you find yourself - in this moment - along your own walk about that is life... may the betweening companion you.

Leap - with abandon when needed - knowing someone will always hold the ramp gate. Surrender to your betweening.

Allow it carry you across the sound - for a while - playfully, completely, powerfully readying you for arrival in the next.

All will be well.

Savor it all.




Gently begin with at least one spacious, deep, centering breath.

Set my intention to receive wisdom and a shift in perspective.


What is mine to remember... to complete... to release?

Where am I being readied to leave... to arrive... to depart?

What will leaping look like for me?

What would at least one benefit be for me?


Determine one action that will support my perspective shift.

Imagine the cascade of impact from my new perspective.


Allow my body to savor the physical experience of this shift - such as relief, release, laughter, delight, surprise, calm - to receive the full benefit of your practice.

Gently transition with at least one spacious, deep, centering breath of gratitude that you took this time for yourself.

Move forward into the day with renewing eyes that embrace possibility.

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