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Learn, Lead & Live
anchored in your greatest strengths.

Remarkable leaders, teams, and organizations discover, align, and harness their innate strengths. And when they do — Vision Clarifies. Communication Flows. Collaboration Thrives. Actions Align. Resources Emerge. Obstacles Surrender. Individuals, Relationships, and OrganizationsFlourish.

WildGeese AmongUs Leadership Development and Executive

Coaching empowers individuals and organizations to (re)claim their innate wisdom, values-driven strengths, and dynamic constellations of resources for world-changing impact.


With laser-focused precision — you can confidently navigate the rhythms
of the newly emerging workforce, workplace, and workworl
d alongside
the constellations of relationships you navigate to create your
exceptional life —
with elegant skill, creative flow, and

sparkling resilience. 


Is now the moment you invest in your best possible life? 

Then. Let's. Begin.

                Dr. Greg L. Finch



Embrace and leverage your highest potential in a dynamic client/coach alliance. This collaborative, thought-provoking process helps you (re)claim your innate strengths to maximize both professional and personal impact.


With online, telephone, and face-to-face options in 60-minute sessions, we co-design awareness shifts and personal action plans that energize, integrate, and sustain your personal, professional, organizational, and enterprise goals for the best possible life.



Working together we co-design, explore, and implement dynamic group process with facilitated team learning, development, and collaboration.


With focused goals that enhance communication, problem-solving, innovation, multi-cultural alignment, and decisioning your teams discover sustaining resilience, collaborative autonomy, increased productivity, and ongoing wellbeing that leads to retention, innovation, and impact.

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Our Process


WildGeese AmongUs engages an expanding constellation of regional, national, and international partner sites to host our signature learning immersives.


We have met the challenges of social distanced learning with hybrid Learning Spheres that elegantly integrate virtual and site based experiences of nature, artistry, science, leading edge leadership content, and delightful embodied action. Learning Immersives spark multi-sensory wisdom and insight that dynamically builds teams, galvanizes collaboration, and transforms and energizes perspective. 

Explore the stars in a university observatory. Take the stage at a world renowned theatre. Discover national parks, historic sites, guided river expeditions, archeological digs, and bird watching excursions. Zip-fly through sparkling tree canopies. These once-in-a-lifetime immersives bring learning to life.



Learn to identify, articulate, and translate strengths, internal values, mission, and aspirations into fully aligned impact, wellbeing, and resilience. Embrace organizational transition and evolution with confidence.


Integrating systems, transition, and "next generation" models we map strategies for team and organizational awareness that align, leverage, and energize sustainable productivity throughout the organizational ecosystem.


The impact is profound and lasting.

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Energized by 20+ years of integrated, executive-level practice as leadership development strategist, medical school & university educator, and ICF ACC certified coach, Dr. Greg L. Finch equips high-impact, executive leaders — alongside their teams and organizations — to master the dynamic opportunities and ever-evolving challenges of our “once in a generation” global reset. Greg skillfully crafts laser-focused, judgment-free zones — brimming with humor and insight — where leaders forge potential into awareness, transform values into aligned action, coax communication and relationships into collaboration, channel energy into innovation, and accelerate leadership development into the highest impact for their “exceptional performance, relationships, and life.” Recognized as a pragmatic content expert, consultant, and coach — Greg has worked across sectors and beyond silos in demanding Fortune 50, federal agency and public service, national/international operations, NGO, healthcare, veteran, and charitable/social impact environments. Greg’s C-Suite, senior executive, rising career, high potential, and succession clients — consistently advance to “next tier” responsibility; skillfully manage their workforce constellations “up, down, and across;” and attract and retain exceptional “next generation” talent while excelling in the array of endeavors they determine as valued, meaningful, and vital to their professional growth, impact, and legacy. And possibly of greatest benefit — to date — every single client has reported, with surprise and delight, immediate shifts as the coaching experience restored autonomy, clarity, confidence, mastery, resilience, and enjoyment — aligning their inner strengths with strategic, outward-facing impact. Dr. Finch’s seasoned experience and boundless curiosity — supported by training and certifications in strengths-based organizational and bio-psychosocial practice; cognitive, somatic, and emotional intelligence; cross-cultural and intergenerational communication; and whole-person resilience and organizational well-being— expands client capacity to harness their unique strengths and values. Clients (re)claim their superpowers that launch self and situational awareness, drive leadership insight and whole-person effectiveness; multiply competencies, collaboration, and satisfaction; and implement enterprise strategies that shape leadership into resilient, positive and sought-after workforces and workplaces— where they can flourish. Greg’s ongoing “skill upgrades” integrate a dynamic range of behavioral assessments/datasets companies use to support, advance, and retain their workforce, including Gallup Strengths, DiSC, Myers Briggs Type, and Positive Intelligence. Greg is a team player and passionate co-designer with clients, colleagues, and organizations, scaling leadership development to deliver powerful, whole-person behavior shifts. Greg holds his doctorate in Biomedicine, Spirituality, and Aesthetics alongside degrees and certifications in Arts Management, Divinity, Architecture, and Design from Princeton and Wesley Theological Seminaries, the American University, and Texas A&M University — and was an Associate Fellow at the George Washington University Institute for Spirituality and Health. His university appointments — George Washington University School of Medicine and Behavioral Sciences, George Mason University Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, and Georgetown University — infuse every coaching alliance with evergreen, data-driven insight and finesse that awakens, energizes, and empowers clients. Having lived on both coasts and in between — with life stops in Houston, Dallas, LA, Princeton, DC, and Harpers Ferry — Greg continues to cycle, Zumba, yoga, kayak, travel, and chorus his way around this great big world from his condo-in-the-sky overlooking Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Greg gives forward in a range of community endeavors and is most grateful to serve Stand Beside Them, providing cost-free coaching for veterans, their families, and caregivers.

Dr. Greg L. Finch | ICF ACC | DMin, MDiv, MTS, BED
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