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WildGeese AmongUs works alongside you to identify and release your innate strengths for optimal leadership, life, and the constellation of relationships that inhabit your world.


In 60-minute intervals we identify your innate power, articulate your highest agenda, (re)claim resources  that are often times blocked or undervalued. You will learn to lead from your strengths with skill, confidence, and renewing passion.

Insight by insight — we collaboratively hone critical leadership competencies, confidence, and action into strategic impact.


Through collaborative inquiry, depth assessment, and personal and team benchmarking — we co-create liberating insight, vital skill sets, leadership mastery, and elegant action — as you transform innate potential into leadership reality.

Certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and trained in the GMU Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being model, we weave organizational, psychosocial, somatic, and aesthetic expertise — with humor and compassion — into the coaching alliance. 

Tapping into your greatest strengths and highest potential — the coaching alliance wakens, challenges, supports, and celebrates you to success.



WildGeese AmongUs executive clients consistently experience surprise and delight at immediate and sustainable clarity, laser-focused attention, renewed energy, perspective shifts, and solutioning emerging from the coaching and leadership development alliance.

Deftly integrating the art, science, and business of leadership development through a prismed lens of well-being and resilience our clients confidently anticipate, adapt, and navigate the complex, ever-evolving rhythms of their unique leadership and life contexts.

Organizational research studies reveal that when leaders and organizations invest in strengths-infused leadership their teams and workplaces experience increased collaboration and innovation, productivity and satisfaction, cultural cohesion, enhanced resilience and healthcare savings, accompanied by increased workforce engagement, satisfaction, and retention.


And leaders themselves experience renewing transformation across every domain of their lives.

As leaders become increasingly skilled in leading from their strengths — transformation ignites throughout every facet of their world. Life becomes remarkably productive, fun, and satisfying again.


It's a great big world out there — and you've got some amazing endeavors on the horizon.​ Go ahead and connect for a complimentary, 30-minute Intro Conversation


Consider it a masterful investment in transforming your own leadership, your life — and (y)our world!


“Coaching delivers improved management performance, helps executives manage business complexity, and accelerates leadership development.”


~ Harvard Business Review Research Report


“Greg possesses a unique ability to grasp complex ideas that fuel his powerful questions and support his client’s expanding perspectives. 
Greg is a natural-born coach."

~Peer Coach, Ellen Fulton, MCC, Managing Principal The Washington Coaching Group

"I found significant value in every aspect of our sessions together."

~Client, US Federal Government Agency

"Greg helped me efficiently tackle ongoing personal and professional issues."

~ Client, Dean, Private National University




"Dr. Finch created the space through his communication, guidance, and unconditional regard for me to access my own realizations, my goals, my hopes, and my dreams.

 I felt supported in aligning

my goals with my highest good."

~Client, Regional Healthcare Agency


"My colleagues have already

noted the difference in my

leadership presence."

~Client, National Service Organization

New York Office