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Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting ~

over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.


~ excerpt from Wild Geese by Mary Oliver


Across the centuries great, sinuous migrations of wild geese have sparked wonderment and renewal for all who pause to witness. Navigating vast avian skyways across continents and sparkling waters these creatures of the horizon honor the eternal rhythms of the spiraling world - guiding them home, to their place of belonging.


Those who invest curiosity and imagination are destined to awaken the mysteries of their own echoed longing for horizon, journey, and belonging. We have much to learn from these creatures on their flights of expansive journey, companionship, and belonging to an unknown, yet known, horizon.


My own studies of their journey throughout the years is rooted in childhood delight and fascination with the travelers in witness of their sky processions as harbingers of the eternal transformation of seasons.


Where are they heading? Why do they go? What awaits them on arrival? How do they organize? How do they prepare for the journey? How do they do it every year? Who companions them on the journey? What sustains them on the journey? How do they align with common vision and purpose? When is it time to start? What does it take to travel such a distance?


Throughout my years in leadership development I have discovered that these are the same questions so many leaders, teams, communities, and enterprises must ask if they are to journey well with efficiency, energy, and values-aligned impact.


WildGeese AmongUs draws upon three principles of the Wild Geese Among Us that activate, sustain, and animate the journey of these remarkable travelers.

Horizon Driven Journey

Their very existence and journey is launched through a complex yet finely integrated constellation of energies. From internal DNA transmitted throughout their genetics to geomagnetic impulses and navigational alignments of the stars they sense the precise moment to initiate their cyclic journeys alongside an internally driven what next that draws them to a horizon home they have yet to see. They recognize and align themselves with a call to "what is becoming."


Calibrated Resources

They strategically engage an emerging and ever-expanding set of resources that sustain and energize them throughout their journey at the very moment of need. Rather than overburdening themselves, the fly light and unencumbered as they to discover untapped, sustainable resources along the journey. 


Constellations of Collaboration

And they travel in constellations of collaboration that ignite interdependence and innovation as they elegantly navigate with confidence and power. No single echelon of geese holds the entire knowledge of the journey. Together the avian travelers connect across a spectrum of migratory creatures to co-navigate the journey. 


Drawing upon these powerful principles embedded throughout their rich migrations — augmented through an array of strengths-infused leadership strategies and resources — WildGeese AmongUs works alongside you to identify and harness your innate strengths; strategically align and multiply accessible resources; and generate unexpected collaboration, advocacy, and generative partnerships across every enterprise.


Attention to these three animating aspects consistently generates tangible ROI — increased satisfaction and productivity, decreased employee turnover and health costs, and generative environments that become the differentiators of sought-after organizations by this "next generation" workforce. 

WildGeese grounds individuals, teams, and organizations through this integrated approach strategy. Our clients report a new capacity to intuitively align energy with vision, link mission with resources, and confidently expand productivity beyond existing horizons. 

WildGeese AmongUs stands ready to companion you on your own remarkable journey.

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