Learn, Lead, and Live —

Anchored in Your Strengths.

When leaders, teams, and organizations ground action in their innate strengths and wellbeing — Vision Clarifies. Communication Flows. Collaboration Thrives. Actions Align. Resources Emerge. Obstacles Surrender. Individuals, Relationships, and Organizations — Flourish.

Remarkable leaders are embracing their innate capacity to navigate "next" possibilities and challenges during this astonishing global reset. Harness your unique strengths to confidently navigate this transition with wisdom, collaboration, and creativity.

Executive Coaching empowers individuals and organizations to (re)claim the power of strength-infused leadership for remarkable impact. With laser-focused precision — the coach/client alliance equips you to confidently navigate rhythms of the dynamic workplace, your relationships, and your best possible life — with elegant skill, creative flow, and sparkling resilience. 

Our services have been re-crafted to continue supporting leaders around the globe while ingeniously integrating pandemic protocols throughout. So - Now we begin again.


Executive Coaching

Embrace and leverage your highest potential in a dynamic client/coach alliance. This collaborative, thought-provoking process helps you (re)claim your innate strengths to maximize both professional and personal impact.


With online, telephone, and face-to-face options, we co-design awareness shifts and personal action plans that energize, integrate, and sustain your personal, professional, organizational, and enterprise goals for the best possible life.

Team Facilitation

Working together we explore, co-design, and implement dynamic group process with facilitated team learning, development, and collaboration.

With focused goals that enhance communication, problem solving, innovation, multi-cultural alignment, and decisioning your teams will discover sustaining resilience, enhanced satisfaction, and increased productivity. 

Working together we explore, co-design, and implement group process for team learning, development, and collaboration.

Learning Immersives

WildGeese AmongUs engages an expanding constellation of regional, national, and international partner sites to host our signature learning immersives.


We have met the challenges of social distanced learning by designing hybrid Learning Spheres that elegantly integrate virtual and site based experiences of nature, artistry, science, leading edge leadership content, and delightful embodied action. Learning Immersives spark multi-sensory learning that dynamically builds teams, galvanizes collaboration, and transforms and energizes perspective. 

Explore the stars in a university observatory. Take the stage at a world renowned theatre. Discover national parks, historic sites, guided river expeditions, archeological digs, and bird watching excursions. Zip-fly through sparkling tree canopies. These once-in-a-lifetime immersives bring learning to life.

Systems Navigation

Learn to identify, articulate, and translate strengths, internal values, mission, and aspirations into fully aligned impact, wellbeing, and resilience. Embrace organizational transition and evolution with confidence.


Integrating systems, transition, and "next generation" models we map strategies for team and organizational awareness that align, leverage, and energize sustainable productivity throughout the organizational ecosystem. The impact is profound and lasting.

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WildGeese AmongUs works alongside you — tapping the core of your energizing strengths and values. Inquiry, deep listening, assessment, discovery, and powerful questions awaken your epiphanies, insights, and powerful action — transforming potential into remarkable impact.


Certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and trained in the GMU Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being model, we weave organizational, psychosocial, and aesthetic expertise — brimming with humor and compassion — throughout the coaching alliance. 

Together, we collaboratively identify your essentials, craft your agenda, (re)claim your strength-based resources, leverage leading-edge learning, and hone your critical leadership skills as we co-design and support strategic action for your optimal life and work. Tapping into your greatest strengths and highest potential — the coaching alliance wakens, challenges, supports, and celebrates you to success.


WildGeese AmongUs executive clients consistently experience surprise and delight at the clarity, resilience, focused intention, integration, ongoing support, and action that emerges from every session.

Deftly integrating the art, science, and business of leadership development through the prismed lens of well-being and resilience our clients confidently anticipate, adapt, and navigate the complex, ever-evolving rhythms of their unique leadership and life contexts.

And as our clients become increasingly skilled in leading from their strengths — transformation ignites throughout every facet of their world. Life becomes remarkably productive, fun, and satisfying again!


It's a great big world out there — and you've got some amazing endeavors on the horizon.​ Go ahead and connect for a complimentary Discovery Session. 


Consider this your masterful investment in transforming your leadership, your life — and (y)our world.

“Coaching delivers improved management performance, helps executives manage business complexity, and accelerates leadership development”.


~ Harvard Business Review Research Report



“Greg possesses a unique ability to grasp complex ideas that fuel his powerful questions and support his client’s expanding perspectives. Greg is a natural-born coach.”

~Peer Coach, Ellen Fulton, MCC, Managing Principal The Washington Coaching Group

"I found significant value in every aspect of our sessions together."

~Client, US Federal Government Agency

"Greg helped me efficiently tackle ongoing personal and professional issues."

~ Client, Dean, Private National University


"Dr. Finch created the space through his communication, guidance, and unconditional regard for me to access my own realizations, my goals, my hopes, and my dreams.

 I felt supported in aligning

my goals with my highest good."

~Client, Regional Healthcare Agency


"My colleagues have already noted the difference in my leadership presence."

~Client, National Service Organization

Dr. Greg L. Finch​
Executive Leadership Coach + Director of Collaborative Projects
| Ideation | Individualization | Futuristic | Connectedness


For more than 20 years — as organizational strategist, university and medical school educator, and ICF ACC certified coach — Greg has skillfully and compassionately equipped executive leaders in high impact organizations to make powerful shifts that (re)claim their innate resources. These leaders consistently build strengths-infused leadership and launch “next” action as they confidently navigate dynamic opportunities and ever-evolving challenges
of optimal leadership, life, and enterprise.


From C-Suite and Senior Executives to High Potential, Mid-Career, and Succession Candidates — Greg’s clients have flourished as leaders and change agents within demanding national and international environments.Dr. Finch’s university adjunct appointments — GWU School of Medicine, GMU Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, and Georgetown School of Theology — bring evidence-based rigor, vibrant curiosity, and experienced pragmatism to every client.

Having lived on both coasts — with stops including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Princeton, and Harpers Ferry — Greg cycles, zumbas, yogas, kayaks, choruses, and photographs his way around this great big world from his home base in the sky overlooking Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

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